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MACSKY is consulting company who integrate the Identity and Access Management (IAM) software suite of  Evidian.

Evidian IAM is the European leader in identity and access management with a presence which is growing rapidly beyond Europe, particularly in Japan and the US.

Evidian Single Sign-On (SSO) is also the leader in the access management domain. It simplifies the users’ authentication by eliminating the use of passwords.

More than 5,000,000 users in more than 900 organizations throughout the world connect to their companies every day and manage their access rights with Evidian identity and access management solutions.

We can offer to our clients a complete, integrated and modular solution for digital identity management and access governance compatible with their security policies and the new regulatory requirements.

Our vertical approach provides organizations from all sectors with an implementation of our solutions that are adapted to each profession.

For us, identity and access management is a major building block to ensure the security of information systems. To get the full benefit of it, the identity and access management system must gain support from users and professions and offer tools to technical managers that are adapted to new usage scenarios and to the development of cloud services.

Our offer covers all requirements, from checking user identities, to performing intelligence on the management of their digital identities’ lifecycle and their access from any workstation, to accessing all the organization’s resources.


The Welcomr controller


The Welcomr controller is the sole physical element to manage and secure an access.

Developed by Welcomr's experts, it allows an agile management with a high level of security.
» Physically inaccessible and independent from any network, it brings security and material isolation.
» Autonomous, it has a reliability level never reached before.
» Totally invisible, it is prepared against any attacks without harming the architecture of your buildings.

What's more, the controller can be connected to an already existing installation.

The Welcomr controller is made in Centre Val de Loire : 100% made in France.

ShoBadge is a next generation enterprise identity solution. Providing multi-factor authentication in conjunction with the blockchain, users can securely and simply log into work apps and cloud services from laptops and mobile devices without user ID and password. The ShoBadge identity adds simplicity and security in conjunction with a company’s existing identity and SSO solution.

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